Monday, January 25, 2010

Serbia on the “Hiking”” map of Europe for first time

Gornji Milanovac, Jan. 09 2010 (Serbia Today) - The European Mountain Climbing Federation has made a new map of a mountain routes for hikers from the North Pole to Greece, and Serbia is included, for the first time ever. Thousands of Europeans like to walk or hike almost every day, far from any paved roads, to enjoy the scenery and to appreciate the cultural and historical sights.
At a press conference in Gornji Milanovac held January 4, 2010, Borisav Čeliković, a representative of the Mountain Climbing Association of Serbia, said that over 50,000 mountain climbers are expected to pass through the Rudnik-Takovo region of Serbia this year, following the new map route, all to the benefit of local hotels and restaurants.
The project was sponsored by the Mountain Climbing Association and the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia.

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