Monday, January 25, 2010

Zdravko Colic and Goran Bregovic will perform in Guca

Guca, Jan. 21 2010 (Serbia Today) – The 50th Anniversary of the famous Guca Music Festival will be marked with the participation of the famous Serbian performers Zdravko Colic and Goran Bregovic. This year’s Festival will be from 13th to 27th August, and besides many Serbian bands it is expected participation of the 10 to 15 bands from around the world.
The organizers expect this year to have over half a million visitors and close to 2000 participants in ten festival days.
Same as previous years, the main sponsor of the event will be the Government of Serbia. Most of the concerts from the Guca festival will be featured on the First Program RTS.
The concert by Goran Bregovic is planed for August 14, while Zdravko Colic’s concert will be on Thursday, August 19. It is expected that the price of the tickets for each of these concerts will be around 1000 dinars.

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