Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Years Eve Celebration Serbian Style

Belgrade, Dec. 30, 2009, (Serbia Today) – Most of the seats for the New Years Eve Party in many restaurants and clubs throughout Belgrade were sold out months ago. Many of those that will be celebrating New 2010 in Belgrade or in the Serbian Ski resorts are foreigners from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy and other EU countries. Belgrade restaurants and clubs are known for its hospitality where guests can experience far beyond and above anything offered anywhere else in Europe. Prices are compatible to experience that is often not only “culinary”. There are very few among Serbs who can afford high prices set by Belgrade restaurateurs. New Years Parties are priced from € 100 to €1,000, which is more than most of the Serbs make in two months.
Nevertheless, Serbs like to party, and lack of access to the very expensive clubs and restaurants will not stop them to make their own hot spot for the craziest night. Some of them will party with friends and family at their homes, while others, mostly youngsters, will enjoy one of many free outdoor midnight concerts organized by Serbian municipalities.
In Belgrade, at the Nikola Pasic Square, several rock bands will play all night. Ice skating ring nearby will be open as well and free for all. Organizers are preparing fireworks at midnight.
Novi Sad will have free concerts on three different locations including Liberty Square, featuring everything from old country music, folk, and rock. Other big cities like Nis, Kragujevac, Krusevac, Valjevo, and Subotica will organize for their citizens free outdoor concerts as well. Some of the very popular bands are scheduled at different cities at different times, so they will able to entertain people in more than one concert.

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