Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Andrea Arsovic – Serbian golden archer

By Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Jan. 06, 2010, (Serbia Today) - Serbian archers triumphantly finished their participation at the 34th "International Championship of Belgrade". On the second day of shooting for "Danube award”, they won four gold and one bronze medal. Andrea Arsovic (22) has triumphed in discipline of air rifle for women in the lot of trades final. She entered in the finals on the first position with 399 laps ( one lap less than the state and world record), but after 8.4 rounds with fifth bullet she fell for three places. However with four good finish centers ( 10,4 - 10,7 - 10,1 – 10,4) she got back in the match and won 0.1 rounds. -”In competition participated shooters from 13 countries and among them were the World, European and Olympic medal winners. In the extremely tough competition, I'm glad that I managed to score this success. Belgrade Trophy Competition lasted two days and on the first day we had not have sports luck. The second day happiness smiled at us, and Serbian archers were much better. I am extremely pleased with winning the first place not only because of the result but with the fact that I continued winning medals and this is a proof that I am making much progress in the training process”.
Have you felt nervous because after long time you were shooting in front of the Belgrade audience? -We had to justify the epithet of the host and the favorite, in order to win medals. I would lie if I say I had not stage fright. Our fans were a little noisy but it is important that we have managed to retain concentration and shoot well.
Andrea has been a member of senior national team for 4 years. During this time, she was engaged in the biggest European and world competitions and was the first reserve to Lidija Mihajlovic for the Beijing Olympics. The year 2009 will stay in beautiful memories for this talented archer.
-In my career I won more than 110 medals and 10 trophies. I first got an invitation for Serbian selection in 2005, and we participated at the European Championship were we won the first place as a team. The same year I was State Champion and Champion of the Balkans. In 2006 on the World Cup as a team, we were third. This year at the Mediterranean Games in Italy I won the gold medal and I broke 2 records. At the European Championship in Prague I took fourth place. I was 6 times Senior State Champion, 4 times Champion of the Balkans and I broke a few records and currently I hold 3 Serbian records.
Several weeks ago, Arsovic was awarded as the most successful Senior of Sport Society Partizan and after that, the most successful Serbian Archery club Partizan celebrated its 50th Birthday.
-I started to train 9 years ago in Partizan. My neighbour started to train and called me once to join him on one training. I accepted the invitation mostly because of curiosity. I liked the sport and first few trainings were very interesting. More than 40 children of my age trained well. After three months I had my first competition in the League in Belgrade and I remember how I was confused and frightened.
Did you from the beginning fire from air rifles?
-Yes. I like that much more than shooting from a pistol.
With you in the Serbian national archery team is also the Jasna Sekaric, our best, most successful female shooter. What is the feeling to train with a living legend of our sport? -It is a real pleasure. Although two of us do not shoot in the same discipline and therefore do not train together but it certainly feels great when an athlete like her is with us. She is always ready to advise us young archers and I appreciate that a lot.
You are one of the biggest favorites to represent Serbia at the Olympic Games in London. Do you therefore feel the pressure? -Olympic Committee of Serbia has declared me one of the main favorites to go to London in 2012. It is on me to justify that trust. Dream of every athlete is to participate in the Olympics and one of my main goals is to be part of the National Team at the biggest planetary competition. Of course, before that, I have to fulfill certain quotas.
Already in January, Arsovic will participate in several competitions. -I started packing for Munich and Slovenia, where I have competitions in January. I expect good results mostly because 2010 is the first year for adding and winning the Olympic quotas, and this will be an excellent preparation for the European Championship, which will be held in Norway.
In the summer, Serbia will be host of the World Cup. Do you think our country can organize perfectly this prestigious competition?
- I think we can. Beside Serbia, the World Cup will take place in 3 more states. We have excellent conditions to provide archers who will come from around the world in the Sports Center “Kovilovo” and we have experience in organizing sports events . I believe that everything will pass at a high level – said Andrea Arsovic at the end of the interview for Serbia Today.

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