Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jaša Tomić now an international border crossing

Belgrade, Jan. 14, 2010, (Serbia Today) - The Government of Serbia has agreed to re-categorize Jaša Tomić from border crossing to international border crossing. Between Romania and Serbia, Jaša Tomić-Fenj is the critical border crossing on the 130km route between Timisoara and Novi Sad. Re-categorization was the result of long term activities by the local self-government of Secanj, supported by the Government of Serbia and the Executive Council of Vojvodina.

“Re-categorization is significant for all of us in Banat, as well as for all of Vojvodina, because the international airport in Timisoara is about 40 km away from the border,” the Mayor of Sečanj, Predrag Milošević, said. Construction on the Romanian side of the border is almost complete and the Serbian side will be ready in early May 2010. “We have already finished major share of the works. We are working at full steam, and what is left for us to do is to build a modern substation for terminals, one kilometer of road from Jaša Tomić to the border, and install light signaling,” said Milošević.

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