Friday, June 26, 2009

WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY, Serbia Still on Top

Belgrade, June 26 (SerbiaToday) – With total number of 146.000 voluntary blood donors and large score of campaigns for non-profit donation of blood all over the country, Serbia holds 30th position on the world list of blood donating.
At the prize award ceremony on Tuesday for the most successful local organizations of blood donors in 2008, Serbian president Boris Tadic said some 60.000 donors gave blood last year and the number of voluntary blood donors is increasing every year which makes him “very proud“.
Some 244.000 blood units were collected in 2008 through more than 3.000 campaigns, according to Red Cross of Serbia. Representatives of 13 local voluntary blood donor organizations received awards on Tuesday.
Northern city of Novi Sad is the most humane town in Serbia, in its overall population of 260.000 inhabitants, 7 % of them are the voluntary blood donors. Serbia requires 700-800 blood units per day (a unit of whole blood is 450 millilitres).
The World health Organization established June 14 World Blood Donor Day in 2005, the day when Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the ABO blood group system was born. Serbia marks World Blood Donor Day since 2005.
But this is not all about in statistics and figures, more important is competition in humanity and virtue, no one reform would have sense if we do not step up in human values”, Tadic said.
Serbian president stressed he will sign in to became voluntary organ donor. “I think that action is very important, both for our citizens and Serbia’s credibility in the world, the same as culture of blood donating”, said President Tadic.

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