Friday, June 26, 2009

Woman’s Eye of the World

(May 27 2009)

“Woman’s Eye of the World “ is the title of the film festival to be held May 29 to May 31 at the Cultural Center “Dom Omladine” in downtown Belgrade. Organizer of this Festival is The Women's Anti Trafficking Center in Belgrade. The visitors will be able to see fifteen feature and documentary films by authors from Serbia, USA, Great Britain, and India.

Festival’s Art Director Carna Manojlovic told journalists that the films do not show women only as victims, but also as creative and strong beings. “The films are made by authors whose voices should be heard and thoughts should be seen on a big screen. They reach various parts of the world mostly unknown to us, or parts close to us, but marked by the authors in their life diaries.” According to Sandra Ljubinkovic, the director of the Anti Traficking Center, the idea of the festival is not dealing with hopelessness: “On the contrary, these are the films about beauty, cheerfulness, strength and value, both artistic and human. For us, the festival ‘Woman’s Eye of the World’ is a support to the creative potential of women.” The program will also include talks with the authors and discussions on the subject of the women’s trafficking. Maya Medic, the participating author from Serbia will present two of her films, which will be followed by the exhibition of her photographs. At the end of the Festival the Jury consisting of film directors Slobodan Sijan, Mirjana Karanovic and Radmila Lazic, will announce the recipient of the Best Film Award..

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