Friday, June 26, 2009

Dinosaurs of Argentina – Giants of Patagonia in Belgrade

Vesna GlisicBelgrade, June 22, (Serbia Today) -During the next seven months, visitors will have the opportunity to see the beautiful exhibition " Dinosaurs of Argentina – Giants of Patagonia“ in the Impulse hall of the hotel „Continental" in Belgrade.
Exhibition organized by the Natural History Museum of Belgrade in cooperation with Grupo Cultural from Argentina, includes 40 exhibits dinosaur skeleton, and among them visitors can see and Nest, skulls, eggs and foot print of these protozoans. The most attractive exponat, definitely, are the skeletons of 7 dinosaur, including carnivorous Giganotosaurus carolinii, long over 14 meters, and vegetivorous Rebbachisaurus tessonei, long over 17m.
It is interesting that all replicas are authentic. This is chronological exhibition, which includes recapitulation life dinosaur 65 million years ago.
Before Belgrade, the exhibition was in in Washington, and Turin, and was very visited. According to organizers, this is not passive exhibition, but requires the active participation of visitors.
The exhibition is particularly interesting for children, there are workshops for them and competitions in drawing dinosaurs and big puzzle with dinosaur theme.
Also, there are a lot of dinosaur toys that show the period in which they lived.
This is educational exhibition and visitor can learn how dinosaur lived, what they hunted. It is estimated that the dinosaur life, depending on the type, was 20 to even 400 years.
Visitors in Belgrade have a special honor to attend the European Premiere oldest dinosaur Megareptora nine meters long and 70 centimeters in length hand.
During the exhibition, visitors will be able to see the mini-setup "Serbia at the time of dinosaur," in which will be shown to world fossil remains that at the time lived in Serbia.
According to organizers from Natural History Museum of Belgrade scientists in some part of Serbia found only the remains of shellfish, sea snails and sea-urchins. However, they are hoping that there is a chance to be in Serbia found something this spectacular.
Exhibition of fossil dinosaur remains have great national significance, because it has not seen in our region and will be open until

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