Friday, June 26, 2009

Soaring Fuel Prices

Rina Mihajlovic
Novi Sad, June 26, (SerbiaToday) - Serbia is on the verge of becoming the country with the most expensive fuel in Europe. It might even become a record-holder considering the constant increase in the price of fuel.
Now it holds the highest price in the region with EUR 1.02 per liter while in BIH liter is EUR 0.75, EUR 0.89 in FYROM and EUR 0.99 in Croatia. Only Slovenia has a bit higher price but it may change soon due to increase that follows this weekend.
Today the new prices will be formed and there are indications that the price of fuel will go up RSD 3. The price of the fuel is formed based on the global market daily movement of the price of petroleum. Since the price went up in the last two weeks it is eminent that the price will go up here too. From the beginning of the year the price went up 10 times in Serbia.
Even though Turkey, Scandinavian countries and Germany have higher prices, there is a threat the Serbia might take the number one as a country with the most expensive fuel. The irony is that the quality of fuel in Serbia is among the worst ones in Europe and now it may have not only the worst fuel but also the most expensive one.Towering fuel prices are having a big impact on Serbia. People are desperate because the prices are constantly increasing and it is a big expenditure for them considering that many people are unemployed or have the salary below the average. The increase affects businesses and farmers as well, because it is a part of the final price that has to be formed for a certain product or a service they offer. There are suggestions to change the pricing procedure and instead to be based on the price of the petroleum, to be based on the price of its derivate. The problem is that the price of petroleum increases internationally and leads to increase all over the world. Its increase by 8.92 percent on the international market led to high increase in Serbia as well.
It is interesting that the price of the gas also went up due to an increase in petroleum price internationally.
The increase in fuel prices affects everything around us, it also pushes up market prices and makes our grocery cart more expensive. Supermarkets are changing their prices and coffee producers say that the price of the coffee will go up 5 percent by the end of the month. The same goes for the prices of cosmetics, chemical products and even dairy product. It seems that only the price of bread will remain as it is ,while people will continue to endure shocks at the gas stations and supermarkets.

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