Friday, June 26, 2009

The Abyss on Top of the World” by Marica Josimcevic to be published in US

New York, June 21, ( Serbia Today) - The Abyss on Top of the World, a novel by well known Serbian contemporary author Marica Josimcevic will be released in August by Lux Mundi Press Publishers from New York.
Marica Josimcevic is the author of several novels and collections of short stories published in Serbia: The Scorpio Knew - collection of short stories, 1988; The Lord’s Retreat – novel, 1991; The Abyss On Top Of The World - novel, 1994; The Way Of The Skin - collection of short stories, 1998; Yovanye-The Book on Second Creation, 2003.
She received much recognition and many awards for her literary accomplishments. Among them, certainly the most prestigious is the Award “ISIDORA SEKULIC” for the collection of short stories The Way of the Skin, as the best literary achievement in Serbia in 1998.
Lux Mundi Press, a publishing house from New York has developed a special co-publishing program to help Serbian contemporary writers make a break into American book market.

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