Friday, May 22, 2009

Goran Bregovic’s Concerts in US and Canada

The famous Serbian composer and musician Goran Bregovic and his “Weddings and Funerals Orchestra” will soon set off on their first big American tour, which will start in Brooklyn, NY, on June 11 with the performance at the Summer festival “Cellebrate Brooklyn”.
From there Goran Bregovic and his 19-member orchestra will go to Toronto to take part in the Festival of Art and Creativity “Luminato” with two concerts on June 12 and 13. The celebrated Serbian musician and his orchestra will then perform on June 14 at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago, on June 15 in Cleveland, on June 17 in Austin, on June 19 and 20 in Los Angeles, on June 21 at the Jazz Festival in San Francisco and on June 23 at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. After this series of eight concerts, the orchestra will continue the tour in Europe. Bregovic is currently finishing the second part of his album “Alcohol”. At the end of last year, he released “Slivovitz”, the first CD of the two-part album “Alcohol”, while the sequel titled “Champagne” is expected to be released soon. (May 11 2009)

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