Friday, May 22, 2009

EU Visa Liberalization for Serbian citizens ?

May 13 2009
The EU Official has warned that any speculation over when EU visa requirements will be lifted for Serbian citizens is ''premature''.
Mr. Pierre Mirel, Director of the West Balkan Directorate at the EU General Directorate for Enlargement, said the European Commission must first prepare well-founded and researched reports on the progress of the countries in West Balkans, including Serbia. According to Mr. Mirel “A decision on visa liberalization will depend on how much Serbia meets the set requirements. He noted that Serbia had already achieved considerable progress, especially in areas of reforms that are necessary for general entry into the EU, but a lot of work is still undone.Mr. Mirel welcomed the adoption of the National Strategy for European integration, which is a legislative package, designed to reform the judiciary and to set up laws against discrimination. He stressed that enforcement of the newly adopted laws had also to be assured. Bozidar Djelic, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, told press after a meeting with Pierre Mirel, that Serbia is already in the process of meeting required conditions and is working with the Commission to meet the goals for visa liberalization.

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