Friday, May 22, 2009

A Festival of the Author

(May 21 2009)
A month long Festival dedicated to the life and work of the celebrated Serbian writer Momcilo Nastasijevic started in Belgrade on Thursday, May 21. “A Festival of the Author“ is an event organized annualy with the idea to remind general public of the literary works by the Serbian writers whose contribution to the Belgrade and Serbian cultural heritage has been undermined or forgoten.
This year’s event is completely dedicated to the poetry, short-stories, plays, and essays written by Momcilo Nastasijevic (1894–1938)The Festival started with the theater performance „In the footsteps of Nastasijevic“ by Dah Theater Group,and with the exhibition titled „Secrets of Momcilo Nastasijevic“ which opened in the Cultural Center of Belgrade Building on Thursday. This biographical exhibition presents photos, artefacts, manuscripts, and other mementos from the life and time of M. Nastasijevic.
During the Festival two new editions of the books writen by Nastasijevic will be released and his poetry will be read at the Poetry Night dedicated to his work. Concerts and walk tours throuh the „old Belgrade“ insipred by his writings, as well as conference about Nastasijevic’s literary work will be a part of this Festival as well.
Momcilo Nastasijevic is a Serbian poet who belonged to the , so called, „modern“ current of the Serbian literature and poetry in the time between the two world wars. He was born in Gornji Milanovac in 1894 but most of his lifetime spent as a resident of Belgrade where he worked as a High School Profesor.
He started publishing his literary works relatively late. The collection of poetry was his first work published in 1932. Being of very fragile health, he passed away in 1938 at the age of 42. . He left behind him numerous essays, plays, short stories and poetry which were published by his friends as „Complete Works by M. Nastasijevic“ a year after his death.

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