Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Higl - „You have to give your best"

Belgrade, April 08. 2010 — (Serbia Today) - Nadja Higl, World Champion at 200 meters breaststroke said that she is preparing for the next European championship and emphasized that the terms of the training didn“t changed. „ I am expecting a lot of chalenges at the the European Championship where I will be able to check my form. I am working very hard and I hope that this will give the expected results. I will give my maximun, and I hope that it would be enough for the medal . “ The European Championship will be held from August 8-15 in Budapest. „I was at the preparation in Japan and Spain. I traid new suits in Japan and swimmed with two world swimmers who were with me at the finals in WC in Rome. I learned a lot from them, and after every training we stayed and worked on our technics, Nadja said to Beta news agency. According to Nadja, she is not under presurre on going to a Championship as World No 1. The medal she won in Rome last year did not change her life. Nadja said that the circumstances in which she trained did not change.„By the summer we are expecting a lot of competitions, preparation for Budapest but still have not got the outdoor pools in which water is tempered, so we have to travel abroad.“ said Higl. According to her, we have to build new pools. „It is not enough that Belgrade has two outtdoor pools, because the water in them is cold, and we are unabled to trained in them. Nadja Higl was born in Pancevo 1987.

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