Monday, April 5, 2010

Art Stage in Uzice

By:Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, March 27, 2010 (Serbia Today) - The town of Uzice is located in the Western part of Serbia, on the banks of the River Djetinja. Art represents an inspirational tool of life, and gives new strength for realization of new endeavors. Uzice has recognized that motivational power of Art, and in a distant 1856 has constructed its National Theater.
Uzice is very proud of its many talented Actors (theater stage and movie screen), Painters, Sculptors, Writers, Poets, and Singers. The year 2010 is one more year filled with Art events. The City Gallery “Uzice” is presenting from April6-21 a solo exhibition titled “Retrospective” by a local painter Dragan Dimic,
In collaboration with a Theater museum from Belgrade, all Art lovers will have a chance to see the works of a Costumer Angelin Atlagic from April 27-May 12,2010. In collaboration with a Ministry of Culture, the citizens of Uzice will get acquainted with “Prohelecija” from June 8-23. Those who enjoy Art through Movie screens will enjoy in the gifts of the Cinema city of Uzice. A premiere of the romantic comedy “Day of lovers” by Director Garri Marshall, and scenario by Katherine Fugata is taking place
From April 13-20, the 14th Theater Festival “Without Translation” will take place in Uzice. Belgrade National Theater will present to the public a play “Dervish and Death” by Mesa Selimovic (on April 13). A day later the production CNP from Podgorica, will present a play “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf”, text by Edward Albee, and direction by Dino Mustafic. The play “Forest shines” on April 15, will be performed in a production of Atelje 212 from Belgrade, text by Milena Markovic, and direction by Toma Janez.
On April 16, the Croatian production of National Theater from Rijeka will perform “Turbo folk”, text and direction by Oliver Frljic. SNP from Novi Sad will perform on April 17, “Boat for dolls” , text by Milena Markovic and direction by Ana Tomovic. The next day, the National Theater from Sarajevo will perform “Mortal Kombajn”, text by Pavel Sal, and direction by Dino Mustafic. The production of JDP from Belgrade will perform on April 19 “Candide or Optimism”, according to Voltaire’s text and direction by Aleksandar Popovski. The Theater from Subotica “Deze Kostoljani” will perform on April 20 a show “Ubi et Orbi” (by Janos Pilinski, directed by Andras Urban) in honor of all rewarded participants. All performances start at 7.30 pm. The days of Art will continue into the summer.

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